Why? Extensive possibilities

Extensive possibilities

    1.  Newsletter adaptations

    • The possibility to add fields, like subscriber name or other collected demographic data (e.g. Dear Mr. Jones...)

    • Supports HTML and TXT newsletters.

    • Supports attachments.

    • Option to include a 'forward to a friend' link in the newsletter.

    • Built-in HTML-editor that is as user-friendly as, e.g. MS Word.

The mailings can be laid out in ProMailing itself through a built-in HTML-editor that is as user-friendly as, e.g. MS Word, so as to prepare professional-looking and effective mailings. We also offer many pre-programmed options, such as 'forward to a friend,' and also optional parameters that you yourself can fill out and use for your mailings. Attachments are also supported, so that you can send a file along with the mailing.

    2.  List management options

    • Option to send an email to the manager in case of opt-in/opt-out.

    • Option to remove bulk e-mail addresses.

    • Lists can be public or private. Private lists are typically used internally or for private mailings.

    • Option to do follow-up for subscribers who removed themselves, so that they won't be imported again the next time.

    • Option to send the latest or a certain newsletter after a confirmed opt-in.
You can arrange the mail addresses in lists and manipulate these using such actions as sorting them, making them public or private, or removing mail addresses in bulk. You will receive an email when someone subscribes or leaves. There is follow-up for subscribers who left so that they cannot be imported again by accident. You can also have the latest mailing sent to newly-registered subscribers.