Why? Efficient


    1.  Advanced import/export functions

    • Import existing subscriber lists from Excel and text files (csv).

    • Import from each ODBC-compliant Database, like Access, Oracle and SQL server.

    • Subscriber and demographic data can be exported to Excel for analysis.

Import your existing address lists to ProMailing from all common formats and manage them in a simple way. You can also export the subscriber data to Excel and other programs.


    2.  Planned newsletter delivery

    • Newsletter delivery can be planned to the minute and up to 60 days in advance, so that you can prepare your mailings undisturbed and have them go out at the right time.


    3.  Bounced mails / wrong address filter

    • Bounced mails are followed-up automatically.

    • Wrong addresses can be removed after a pre-set number of bounces.

Non-delivered mails or non-existing addresses are automatically removed from the mailing list after a number of times, you set. This way, ProMail largely automates your address management.