1. Efficient
  • Advanced import/export functions
    • Import existing subscriber lists from Excel and text files (csv).
    • Import from each ODBC-compliant Database, like Access, Oracle and SQL server.
    • Subscriber and demographic data can be exported to Excel for analysis.

Import your existing address lists to ProMailing from all common formats and manage them in a simple way. You can also export the subscriber data to Excel and other programs.

  • Planned newsletter delivery
    • Newsletter delivery can be planned to the minute and up to 60 days in advance, so that you can prepare your mailings undisturbed and have them go out at the right time.
  • Bounced mails / wrong address filter
    • Bounced mails are followed-up automatically.
    • Wrong addresses can be removed after a pre-set number of bounces.

Non-delivered mails or non-existing addresses are automatically removed from the mailing list after a number of times, you set. This way, ProMail largely automates your address management.

2. Extensive possibilities

  • Newsletter adaptations
    • The possibility to add fields, like subscriber name or other collected demographic data (e.g. Dear Mr. Jones...)
    • Supports HTML and TXT newsletters.
    • Supports attachments.
    • Option to include a 'forward to a friend' link in the newsletter.
    • Built-in HTML-editor that is as user-friendly as, e.g. MS Word.

The mailings can be laid out in ProMailing itself through a built-in HTML-editor that is as user-friendly as, e.g. MS Word, so as to prepare professional-looking and effective mailings. We also offer many pre-programmed options, such as 'forward to a friend,' and also optional parameters that you yourself can fill out and use for your mailings. Attachments are also supported, so that you can send a file along with the mailing.

  • List management options
    • Option to send an email to the manager in case of opt-in/opt-out.
    • Option to remove bulk e-mail addresses.
    • Lists can be public or private. Private lists are typically used internally or for private mailings.
    • Option to do follow-up for subscribers who removed themselves, so that they won't be imported again the next time.
    • Option to send the latest or a certain newsletter after a confirmed opt-in.

You can arrange the mail addresses in lists and manipulate these using such actions as sorting them, making them public or private, or removing mail addresses in bulk. You will receive an email when someone subscribes or leaves. There is follow-up for subscribers who left so that they cannot be imported again by accident. You can also have the latest mailing sent to newly-registered subscribers.

3. Professional appearance

  • Mail client support
    • Built in support for the most important mail clients.
    • Specific newsletters can be sent to AOL.
    • Supported formats include Text, HTML and AOL rich text.
    • Support for Multi-part MIME messages (mail client determines HTML or simple text)

Your mails are shown correctly in all systems and email clients because of the built-in support for all important mail clients. In this way, the correct version of the mailing is shown depending on the client's setup.

4. Follow up and reporting

  • Statistics, follow up and reports
    • Number of times read for each newsletter campaign or by subscriber.
    • Number of times opened for each newsletter campaign or by subscriber.
    • Number of clicks by link for each newsletter campaign or by subscriber.

Extensive statistics and reports are available within ProMailing about, e.g. the number of times a mailing was read or opened and the number of clicks for each link within the mail. This data is provided for each newsletter campaign or by subscriber. These results can also be exported to Excel, so that you can further manipulate the data.

  • Demographic target groups
    • Possibility to collect up to 25 demographic subscriber characteristics.
    • Newsletters can be directed to target groups, based on demographic characteristics (e.g. based on sex).
    • Follow up newsletters can be sent to all subscribers who click on a certain link in the newsletter.

You can collect up to 25 optional demographic characteristics for your subscribers, which you can then use in the mails, or you can use the data to determine who will receive a certain mailing. Follow up newsletters can be sent to all subscribers who click on a certain link in the newsletter.

5. Cost efficient

  • Set price by subscriber NOT by newsletter. This way you can send as many newsletters as you want without extra expense.

Number of mailings

Setup price (once)

Monthly price

Pro Mailing < 500 subscribers

25,00 €

19,90 €

Pro Mailing < 2000 subscribers 

25,00 €

59,90 €

Pro Mailing < 5000 subscribers 

25,00 €

79,90 €

Pro Mailing < 10.000 subscribers

50,00 €

119,90 €

Pro Mailing < 20.000 subscribers 

50,00 €

199,90 €

Pro Mailing < 50.000 subscribers 

100,00 €

319,90 €

Pro Mailing < 100.000 subscribers

100,00 €

399,90 €

Pro Mailing < 200.000 subscribers

200,00 €

719,90 €

Pro Mailing < 300.000 subscribers

200,00 €

1119,90 €

  • Other remarks:
    • Free tech support. 24/7 by our own technical staff.
    • The user-friendly HTML-interface allows you to manage and use the lists from any PC linked to the Internet.
    • Increased monitoring and security for valuable email lists